BessArte – About us

BessArte, art gallery and antique shop in Lucca, Italy.

A young entity with antique roots: an elegant andcomfortable location, in Lucca old town just in front of Guinigi Tower.

An exhibition area organized on different levels. Spatial and conceptual levels, where contemporary art is mixed with high quality handycraft, XX Century painting is combined with hand made ceramics, graphics is blent with antique print.

Bessarte organizes solo and group exhibitions, by young emerging artists and important painters who left and important mark in modern and contemporary art.

On the same path, the art and antique shop: we search for, select, propose antique, modern, contemporary artworks, also on our online shop.

Finally, we are a proud partner of the historical Lucca publishing house, Maria Pacini Fazzi, which we propose a well refined selection of books and publications.